Draft boring logs from hand written field notes in LogPlot or gINT

Soil borings and monitoring wells are installed as part of soil studies or hydrogeologic studies of Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

ICD offers boring and well log drafting either from PDF field notes, or historical logs in one of the following two formats: LogPlot or gINT. Clients pick standard templates or provide their own (additional charges may apply). Standard pricing applies to borings up to 200’ deep. Deeper borings are normally charged at $0.25/foot.

The following assumptions apply: legible field notes, reviewed and corrected, according to USCS standards before they’re submitted for drafting.

Additional charges may apply for borings/wells deeper than 200ft, adding particle % distribution, grain shape, mineral composition, adding remarks, additional measurements, Munsell color translations, custom description sequence, custom templates, illegible handwriting.

All boring log and well log requests are made in our cloud-based work management system on fixed-price basis, and logs are completed within 7 days.