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Create Fixed-Fee Environmental AutoCAD Figures efficiently

Site Map creation/standardization$40
Site Location/Topographic Map$30
Groundwater Elevation Contour Map (up to 30 points)$30
Groundwater/Soil Analytical Map (up to 30 points)$30
Boring Logs / Well Logs (regardless of depth) $30
Geologic Cross Section (up to 7 wells/borings)$70
Time & material AutoCAD 2D/data reduction work (per hour)$25
Time & material GIS Specialist/ AutoCAD 3D work (per hour)$40
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How to start

If you and your team would like to use ICD for your mapping, boring log, cross section generation, getting started is easy. Start-up can take anywhere from 1 business day to approximately a week, depending on the standardization level already in place. The basic start-up steps include:

Please contact info@icdservices.com or (312) 239-0505 to get started.

Ordering System

Our work ordering system is fully automated, internet based software allowing clients to:

Download the process diagram.

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